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High-end renovation and construction

Specialist ofcharming renovation.
Preserve character and charmof your project while providingan additional stamp. Entrust your renovation project tosubject matter experts.

Rénovation Haute gamme

Expert builder
in high-end renovation

The role of the supervisorexpert in high-end renovations isto coordinateAndcarrying out the workrenovation forthe most demanding customers. He must be able to understandspecific needsof each client and translate them intoa tailor-made project, while maintaining the highest quality standards. His expertise allows himchoose the most suitable materials,to develop a precise planand ofsupervise the realizationrigorous work. The expert prime contractor in high-end renovation is thereforea partner of choicefor everythingprestigious renovation project.

The stages of your renovation or construction project

Homme sur téléphone portable


First exchanges on your project by telephone in order tounderstand the projectand direct you to abudget allowance; resource envelope, Free

Such :

Rénovation - Visite du site


On-site technical visitin order to prepare the project and identify the various technical points to be dealt with 

Planification des bâtiments


  1. Achievement ofexisting plans

  2. 3D modeling

  3. Achievement ofsketch planes

  4. Realization ofquantitative file of worksand aestimated costing

  5. Administrative procedures

  6. Support for the filling ofhelp files

  7. Achievement ofProject studies(PRO plans)

  8. Realization of adetailed estimate

  9. Site supervision

Travaux de rénovation


Execution of works inrespecting your wishes, your budget and the schedule !

Pont d'Ain (01)


A realizationno nasty surprisesand respecting your requirements!

 Expertise en rénovation haut de gamme

marbre noir

Do you have a renovation project?
Our achievements !


Rénovation - Avant


Rénovation - Après


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Rénovation de luxe

Charming renovation

Do you have an energy or thermal renovation project?
Roof insulation · Basement insulation · Wall insulation · Window replacement

Barymo accompanies you in the search for help, until the completion of the work.

Attic insulation Floor insulation Wall insulation   Replacement of doors and windows Replacement of heating system
Barymo you
accompaniedin the search fortechnical solutions and aids, up to theexecution of works.

rénovation énergétique

Barymo also selects the best craftsmen near you for all your projects!
Craftsmen of the sector Professional and experienced Meeting your requirements

Craftsmen in the sectorProfessional and experienced Meeting your requirements

Sélection artisans rénovation
Rénovation de caractère

Why choose us Barymo?
Our forces

Control your budget

Our expertise, our network and our knowledge of the market and its players allow us toquantify your project as precisely as possible and at the best price.

A tailor-made service

Barymo   accompanies you in therealization of your unique project, which meets your expectations.

Renovation specialist

of ainterior decorationto therehabilitation of a building, Barymo has enabled the renovation of many buildings. Welet's preserve what already exists while enhancing and modernizing it.

Rénovation d'une villa principale à Bron (69)
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