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Renovation of chalets and farmhouses

Why renovate rather than build?

When you want to buy a new house, the temptation to have it built can be great. However, renovating an existing property can be a very attractive alternative, both financially and ecologically. Here are a few reasons that could convince you to choose renovation over construction.

Barymo's expertise

If you decide to embark on the renovation of a property, it is in your best interest to call on a competent and experienced professional. This is where Barymo comes in. With several years of experience in the field of renovation, our company puts all its know-how and expertise at the service of your projects.

Experience in chalet or farmhouse renovation

Barymo is a company specializing in renovation for several years. This allows him to have solid experience and know how to manage the most complex projects. Thanks to this experience, the Barymo team can effectively support you in your chalet renovation project.


Renovating a property can involve many different skills. This is why Barymo has a multidisciplinary team capable of meeting all your needs. Whether you need an architect, an electrician, a plumber or even a painter, you will find at Barymo all the experts necessary for the realization of your project.

Structural Competence

Renovating a building may require major work on the structure of the house itself. This is why Barymo has specific skills in this area. The Barymo team will be able to carry out all the work necessary to reinforce the structure of your home, while respecting the standards in force.

Respect for the building and knowledge of old materials

If your property is old, it may be important to respect the history and architecture of the building. Barymo has in-depth knowledge of old materials and will be able to use them wisely to preserve the authenticity of your home.

Expertise in thermal renovation

The renovation of a property is also an opportunity to carry out work to improve the energy performance of your home. Barymo has particular expertise in this area and will be able to advise you on the most appropriate work to improve the insulation and energy consumption of your home.


Finally, the renovation of a property can also involve decoration work. Barymo has a team of interior decoration specialists who will know how to give life to all your desires.

In short, the renovation of a property can be an interesting alternative to construction. By calling on Barymo, you are sure to benefit from the expertise of an experienced, multidisciplinary and competent company in all aspects of renovation.

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