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Real estate project

Furnished rental investment up to 7.6% net profitability!

A renovation and transformation project of 3 building lots of a former hotel and leisure complex: Les Renardières à la Plaine Robert, Sainte Julie.

Management by Innov'Home, an agency specializing in furnished rentals which offers a full service:
- Writing announcements and uploading
- Advertising pack PRO, LBC, Google, ...
- Selection of tenants
- Drafting of leases
- Writing inventory
- Labeling visit
- Constitution of the file and invoice, receipt, management statement
- Management advice and assistance
- Return the keys
- Inventory inputs & outputs

Sainte Julie - Barymo.png

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Prices, plans and financing.

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Personalized study and tax study

Profitability grid

Furnished rental investment up to 7.6% net profitability!


High-performance project

Geographic location: Sainte Julie (01150)
R + 2 building, on 330M2 - Small co-ownership of 12 lots - Central heating
Total renovation of the building
Common exterior
Sale in VIR (pre-marketing in Sale of Building to Renovate)
Start of the project in February 2019 - End of the renovation project in October 2019

High-performance project:

Very good net profitability
Available quickly (October 2019)

Very low risk, because the sector is very tight on the furnished rental market (see Innov 'Home market study)

Complete management by market and sector professionals

Annexe 8 - Exemple Cuisine.jpg
Annexe 10 - Exemple Salle de bain.jpg

Typical example of apartments


Plan RDC 1-50th

Annexe2 - PlanR+1 - 1-50ème.png

Plan R + 1 - 1-50th

Annexe3 - PlanR+2 - 1-50ème.png

Plan R + 2 - 1-50th

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