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Renovation - 10 RDP Lyon (69)

Following the realization of the lot division plans designed by Barn Architecture, Barymo took care of the project management and the execution of the works. From the creation of the networks to the proposals for decorative elements, we accompanied our client in his renovation project for his main residence.
Located in the Bellecour-Hôtel Dieu district, this apartment has real assets: moldings, herringbone parquet, stone and French ceiling. The idea was to mix genres: highlight the ancient remains by bringing touches of modernity. 

Technical details:
-Creation of a mezzanine in boucaud floor in order to optimize the spaces and the high ceiling height. 
-Change of windows while keeping their historical profile 
-Modification and connection of EU/EV networks with rope access technician in a hard-to-reach courtyard

Decorative details: 
-Picking a wall to reveal the old stone 
-Creation of a glass roof on the mezzanine to bring an industrial touch to the apartment while letting in light
- Installation of a decorative mineral coating in a shower and a waterproofing resin highlighting the stones and bringing a contemporary touch

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